Hello world!

On top of my piano

If you are here because you are a friend or acquaintance—hey, thanks! A warning that the blog will be less cheerful than FB statuses or my work persona.
If you are here because you heard about this somehow—welcome! I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know me.
In either case, be sure to comment. I’d like your insights.
If you recognize your story but it isn’t your name attached to it, please forgive me. (Contact me if you want your name restored.) I decided to change identifying information where I thought the story might be embarrassing or TMI, a technique known in some circles as literary license but in others by the term “lying.”

“On top of my piano” refers to where everything important is. I kept hearing myself say to people, “Well let me go home and get that book (piece of music, etc.) for you. I know just where it is; it’s on top of my piano.”  I don’t actually play the piano. Apparently it is a small archives.

As I write this, I am a fiftyish, brown-haired, hippy, hippie widow.


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