Ten Tips for Lazy Living


  1. I hate to mess with which way the bedsheets go, and manufacturers keep moving the elastics. Solution: ALWAYS buy striped sheets. The stripes go the long way, every time, so you can put the sheets on in one throw.
  2. Ditto afghans. I used to make nice rectangular ones, but if I make huge squares I just throw the thing on the bed and it is always right.
  3. It’s less work to learn to polish shoes than to continually buy new ones.
  4. Don’t throw away anything you intend to buy, or buy anything you intend to throw away. Save the heels of bread in the freezer. Whirl them around in the blender with some marjoram or savory and you have stuffing mix.
  5. If you have a container herb garden, it will save you a trip to the store. Parsley is really easy to grow. Basil is, too, but it smells like cat pee until you cook it, so don’t grow basil in a small space.
  6. Almost any fruit will work in “banana” bread. You just need something sweet and with a bit of bulk. So the squishy but not yet bad strawberries, watermelon, apples, you have it, all good. I have even had good luck with squash and tomatoes. Just don’t use cucumbers. Baked, they taste like clams.
  7. Even if you have a tiny property, you can grow onions. They are good to eat top to bottom, don’t need any care, and if you accidentally mow over them, will come back.
  8. Most garden weeds are edible. If you make a salad with lamb’s quarters and plantains and wild violets, you get good nutrition and improve your lawn quality at the same time.
  9. If you are the type to send vacation postcards, just down the addresses ahead of time on address stickers. Then you just stick them on the cards from your vacation place; no need to pack your address book.
  10. A lot of people get scarves as gifts but not as many people actually wear them. So go to a consignment shop, where you can usually buy a $50 silk scarf for a dollar.  They look classy, and no one has to know you spent one dollar.

One thought on “Ten Tips for Lazy Living

  1. YES on the basil cat pee dilemma! This happened to me, a clueless basil buyer, when I was in a college dorm, and I had to throw it out. Now I have basil growing happily on my porch where I can’t smell it. Love this list! Silk is scary easy to find at thrift stores.


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