Cell phone love

I missed an important appointment yesterday, through those compounding errors that, when you look back, any one of them, fixed, could have made your day not ruined.

If I had mapquested the directions. If I had written the directions down right when the person gave them to me over the phone.

If I had carried a cell phone.

I don’t.

When people ask me, incredulous, why I don’t carry a cell phone, I usually shrug and say I am not interested.

That’s less embarrassing, to both parties, than admitting: I have no one to call.

Think about it. Even if your job requires some cell use, the usual use of a cell is to make sure you are never unable to contact your loved ones. I have no husband or boyfriend. I have no parents. Nor in laws. All dead except for the long gone one in a nursing home. My brother lives far enough away that there’s never an instance where contact with him needs to be instant. My daughter is in fifth grade and if she’s not at school, wherever she is, I took her there.

A fairly cheap cell plan is what—50 dollars a month? Paying 50 dollars every month for – what? The restaurant to text me that my table is ready? I’m in the lobby, come get me.

Anyway, I couldn’t find the Tracphone—my concession to modernity—yesterday, when I was on the way to an unfamiliar place. I generally DO carry that on long trips, just in case I get lost. But I get lost infrequently so I didn’t want to waste time looking for the phone. Looking for it would make me late FOR SURE.

So I took the risk and lost.

That lost bet almost would have been worth the 50 bucks monthly payment for a cell, because they charge 100 dollars for a missed appointment. (They took pity on middle aged, befuddled me, and didn’t. This time.) If I’d found the tracphone I could have at least called to say I was lost and gotten directions.

The funny thing is, though, that I’ve realized I can’t tell people why I have no cell phone.

I have to endure the persona of middle aged fool. Or Luddite. Because experience has taught me that if I point out 50 bucks a month plus cost of phone is too much to pay when I have, apart from my ten year old, no loved ones, people gasp. There’s a flash when they realize I am right, that they have something I don’t, then the conversation gets awkward, and the person feels uncomfortable.

So for now, I’ll be the clueless one. Cuz it is better than causing people pain.


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