Horror Story

I am a librarian, which basically means I think for a living, which is a wonderful, wonderful job.


So, because of what I do, people are sometimes surprised to learn what I read in my spare time: celebrity biographies. LOVE ‘em.

They’re like fairy tales for grown ups. I love Hollywood romances, I love rags to riches stories, I love when the bad guy gets what is coming to him, like whoever said Lucille Ball couldn’t act.


Sometimes I like the sad stories, which put my sorrows in perspective. If you ever want to feel REALLY lucky, read about Gene Tierney.


Well, in this week’s celebrity headlines (not a book, I confess, but still) was Jim Carrey, in the most horrible story that ever lacked bloodshed.


His ex-girlfriend, who was married when he was with her, committed suicide, and Carrey nobly was a pall bearer at her funeral.

Her husband revealed that he believed Carrey supplied the drugs that she used to kill herself. Yikes, that is bad. And very very sad. And possibly illegal.

But after that, a hand written letter was published, with follow up tweets, that showed Carrey had (likely) given the woman STDs. I don’t mean AN STD, but plural.

OK, these things happen.


What made it the most horrifying story I have read in a long, long time was Carrey’s response to her saying he had infected her, which was, “Eh, you might have gotten it from someone before me.”


No, no. That is not the correct response.

The response is, “Holy SHIT! You have an STD? What is it? Will you be OK? I didn’t think I had anything, I had better get tested. WILL YOU BE OK?”


So he knowingly infected her. And according to texts that are none of my business, it is with two kinds of Herpes—no cure. Her heart breaking letter says she is damaged forever, and that rings true to me.


And Carrey bore her coffin at her funeral.


Why am I mad at him? I don’t know him.

What led to his sense of self-absorption that this story ever happened?  Is it white male privilege–the idea that he can do whatever he wants to a woman, because he is the guy? Is it being rich, and surrounded by sycophants?  Was it that he was much older, and likely more dominant as a result? He was divorced from two women his own age; did he only want a woman he could control?

Why do I care?

I guess part of it is validation. I always got a creepy feeling from him, wouldn’t want him socializing with my family, never knew why. (PS, BOOOO on your acting, Carrey; with a truly great actor I pay enough attention to the character that I don’t waste my brain cells speculation what you are like in real life.)


I see a story like Carrey’s horrific treatment of his ex and can say to myself, “Ah! I CAN trust my instincts! Next time I get a creepazoid vibe from someone, I’ll believe in myself.”

Or I might say, “WOW. I guess I have been comparatively lucky.”


2 thoughts on “Horror Story

  1. Wow, that’s sad! Why it makes me mad: he got away with it. Just like so many powerful, famous, and wealthy men get away with all manner of crimes against women. Just like so many not powerful, not famous, and not wealthy men get away with them too. Men are often not held accountable for their actions, and it’s like famous men have an extra level of anti-gravity surrounding them; nothing sticks. A violent/creepy/callous/abusive/nonconsensual story about them fades into the background of their filmography and magazine covers and stories about their other, less alarming experiences, as if the public has been given a drug that makes them forget.

    What’s making me angry lately is that no matter what filth comes out about Donald Trump, a large amount of people don’t care and just keep on supporting him. Everything just slides off him–which makes sense, he’s slimy–like it never happened. And he keeps on doing stuff and people keep acting like it’s not happening.

    Oh, and the women all these men hurt in one way or another are usually characterized as unstable, crazy, bitchy, slutty, or hysterical.

    So yeah, I’m mad too 😦


    1. “What’s making me angry lately is that no matter what filth comes out about Donald Trump, a large amount of people don’t care and just keep on supporting him.” This makes me crazy mad!!


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