One tough thing about being an agnostic is I don’t have enough swear words.


No god means no way to damn people.


Jessica Valenti pointed out, as well, in her book Full Frontal Feminism that most swear words are really a way to insult women. You insult a woman by pointing out that she is one, “You BITCH!” and insult a man by saying there is something woman ish about him, “You pussy!”   Also, male sexuality is good, “He’s got balls!”and female sexuality is bad, “You slut.” You can just as easily say a man is gutsy by saying something is a “dick move” as say it is jerky.


So, for years, I have had my mild swear phrase, the equiv of “He’s got balls,” to reclaim female sexuality.


As Betty White pointed out, balls are pathetic, anyway.

Me, I got LIPS.


I am one LIPPY lady. I got the lips to stand up to you, not take any of your bullshit.


Before I go into a tough situation, I ask myself if I got the lips to get through it.


Generally, I do. I’d consider it a favor if you’d acknowledge your strength by saying you, too, got lips.  Just throw me the credit now and then.




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