I’m hairy noon and nighty night night!


Not that hairy. My hair is medium thickness, mostly straight, and I usually keep it in a long pageboy. Like Jo March, I am aware that my hair is beautiful.

I recently learned that Locks of Love throws out most donations as un needed, and learned that wigmakers will buy your hair on order—in other words, unsolicited donations of hair are not actually useful, but if you make an appointment and get cash for your hair, it will really make a wig. For that reason I am growing my hair long. But to keep it long, it does need the dry ends cut off, regularly.


I can trim my own bangs but have not figured out how to get the back even.




The sexism makes me want to cry.


It is amazing and appalling that in this day and age, salons are allowed to charge, “Men’s Cut, 15 dollars, women’s 20.” (Children’s 11.)


Rather than by the cut.


My brother, who has curls, cowlicks, and a bald spot, and has to get complicated layers as a result, pays less than I do for a plain trim.


Well, not always. I have found several salons that will cut my hair for a man’s price. But they are not always open when I need them.


The fact is, when I make an issue about it, I ALWAYS WIN.

But my brother does not have to decide, every time he gets his hair cut, whether he is in the mood for a fight. He can just GET HIS HAIR CUT.


Perfectly reasonable people have told me to simmer down, that women tend to get more complicated cuts than men, it is not really sexism. They look straight at me and my long page boy while saying it.




Kids’ cuts are generally one price—apparently when girls turn 18, they magically want more elaborate cuts than when they are 17.


This article is more articulate than I about gender based pricing.

In many places it is illegal to charge differently by gender, and this illegality is generally cheerfully ignored. I’d love to hear of a salon being shut down for illegal pricing the way convenience stores get shut down for selling a beer to a teenager, but it does not happen.


Try to imagine if the signs said, “White haircuts 15, black 20.” Try to imagine if the sign said, even, “Coarse hair 15, thin 20.” “Republican hair 15, Liberal 20.”



But here’s what takes me from sad to MY BLOOD IS BOILING.


Right now, in 2016, a few days before, for fuck’s sake, the FIRST woman endorsed by a major party is on the ballot for president, right now, when walking around town—and I live 4 blocks from my work—I might see five signs saying women are charged more for a service solely on basis of their gender—RIGHT NOW people tell me there is no need for feminism in the Western World.


Fuck that.



It is not “just hair.” It is the fact that the sexism is so accepted, it’s on hand written signs all over the city. It’s the fact that the patriarchy is so entrenched that when I point out that charging more for a cut just because I am a woman is nonsense, both women and men look at me with pity because they think I am over reacting. OVER REACTING to an economic punishment for having matching chromosomes that I must revisit EVERY month in order to abide by my culture’s standards of beauty????????

Take your willful ignorance and . . . goddamit, I can’t even think of anything as hurtful to the willfully ignorant, smug assholes–ANYTHING that can possibly hurt as much as my daily being faced simultaneously with blatant sexism and patronizing denial.


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