It’s December 6, and I am still resting from National Novel Writing Month. I took time off my blog to write a novel.


If you have never done NaNo, I invite you to try. There’s not a cost, and all you have to do is meet a daily word count. As my 11 year old daughter noted, it doesn’t even have to be good.


Two truisms about writing: Write what you know, and Write the novel you want to read. So I wrote historical fiction, which I am rabid about.


But who else wants to read a fictionalized account of the Wallis-N-Edward story?


Also, I can’t even ask for a Beta, because I am at the point of I only want to hear nice things about my baby. I worked so freaking hard on this thing, writing for 2 hours a day before work, and that was AFTER reading a bunch of full length bios on Wallis, Edward, and a gazillion of their friends and relatives.


Did I say friends? they had few of them.


If you wanna be my Beta, let me know. But I tell you ahead of time: I am only in the mood for sycophants.






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