My fave holiday special

Now, THIS Christmas show I like.


Some time ago I wrote about a holiday movie I just can’t stand.


Here’s one I love: The He Man She Ra Christmas special.

I’m serious.


Does it fill me with Christmas spirit? Well, no. That is OK. I’m a grown up.

But it is a good story, and has these advantages.


  1. More than passes the Bechdel Wallace test. This is a measure that asks whether there are women who talk to each other about something other than a man. This show is Bechdel plus! Mermista, She Ra, Peekablue, Alicia—a bunch of characters talk to each other about other things than men. And it’s Mermista and She Ra that save the day by getting the crystal! (Whoops, spoiler.)
  2. Racially inclusive. The little boy in the show is named Miguel.
  3. Size inclusive. While it is true that most of the characters are running around nearly naked (and I do mean running) Miguel’s father is a large sized man and is not used for comedic effect.
  4. Transition of Skeletor. Yes, Skeletor becomes the good guy for this episode. But wait, there’s MORE! Skeletor finds the transition from total bad guy to the person saving the children to be a painful change. Yes, in the He Man She Ra special, it is acknowledged that change is emotionally difficult. I love that.
  5. They address both the Bible story and Santa.
  6. The children, who are away from their parents, are allowed to miss them.


The animation is of the so bad it’s good variety. I suspect that the writing was so good, and so progressive, because it was made at the height of He Man’s popularity, and the writers figured they could get away with anything.


It’s not Christmas in this house until we see He Man and She Ra.

For real.


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