When I was a new driver, the speed limit on the highway was 55.


But I was a new driver, and enjoyed speed. So I routinely went 20 or so miles over the speed limit. It was fun.


One day, happily going 75, I passed a State Trooper.


My heart sank. This was it.


But I got all the way home. The trooper never left the hiding place.


And I thought, “Not that I mind not getting a ticket, but if doing 75 in a 55 isn’t enough, what IS?”


Kellyanne Conway made up, totally made up, the Bowling Green Massacre.


She didn’t lose her job over it.


This is the point at which the Republican Party might say to itself, “Phew! Close one! Not that I mind my spokesperson not losing her job over an outright falsehood, but if lying about a terrorist attack doesn’t get you fired, what does? Better be more careful.”


If I had decided that since I didn’t get caught, I should just keep on speeding–no, speed more! Tell all my friends to speed! that would have been the same, ethically, as Last Night in Sweden.


Didn’t get caught speeding? Speed more! Speed more locations.


Didn’t get fired for imaginary terrorist attacks? Well, then, anybody can make them up.  Domestic terrorist attacks are not sufficiently interesting. Let’s make up one in a whole other country.


And if it gets noticed???

The trooper HAD to have seen me. But he didn’t care.


Similarly, let’s assume the United States citizenry DOESN’T care about alienating entire countries.


Seems legit.




One thought on “Incredulity

  1. Not a Republican. Kellyanne is dumb. What should qualify a politician to lose his job though. During the Bill Clinton years my supervisor lost her job for basically carrying on with lower level employees. Bill Clinton had a pretty poor track record when it came to women..but no penalties. People still voted for Teddy Kennedy after his fairly horrific behavior in the Chappaquiddick incident. Our system is very mixed up, both sides are a joke.


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